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    Illustrator CC 2018 issues with cookies and local storage

    indy00 Level 1

      I've been using persistent cookies to save a few user settings in my extensions for Illustrator for a while now, but with the switch to CC 2018 the cookies stopped working. I also tried switching to HTML5's local storage without success.


      I started running some tests with the CEP_HTML_Test_Extension, which has a section for testing cookies (under HTML1) and for testing local storage (under HTML 2).


      While Illustrator doesn't work, I noticed that Photoshop does - it keeps both cookies and local storage between sessions. However, if you open and close Illustrator, both Photoshop and Illustrator lose their cookies and local storage.


      It seems like whenever Illustrator closes, it deletes the cookie cache directory for all extensions (on Mac, ~/Library/Caches/CSXS/cep_cache). If you have this folder open when you close Illustrator, you can see it vanish. It's possible that this may be a Mac issue, as I don't have a PC to test this on.


      Has anyone else run into this problem?