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    Icons Show in Preview + Browser - not for

    prhmusic2 Level 2


      When I preview my settings, I see the TOC / Index / Search / Glossary icons in the preview & when I open in a browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE).


      When I compile and view my HTML5 output, there are no icons.


      Has anyone encountered this?


      I've tried

      opening an older project (A) and compiling with the same layout - the icons display for project A in the browser

      copying the !ScreenLayout!\Charcoal_Grey folder from the A project folder to the 'troubled' project folder (Troubled) - the icons don't display after I compile the Troubled project and view in the browser.

      opening both projects in separate RoboHelp instances and comparing my settings -  I don't see a difference.

      creating a brand-new project (Newbie) and compiling, the icons display for project Newbie in the browser.


      What else could I try?


      Message was edited by: Paul Hanson - added screenshot of what I see in the browser, after compiling - the red box is where the TOC / Index / Search / Glossary icons should be.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try creating a fresh layout?


          In the blank area of the problem layout, when you mouse over is there an indication it is clickable or hover text that shows?


          Cheers... Rick

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            prhmusic2 Level 2

            There's no clickable or hover text that shows when I mouse over the problem area.


            I think I tried to create a fresh layout last year <wink>, but I'll try it when my AM backup completes.


            Update: I had tried creating a new Output (SSL), but not a new screen layout. I created a new SSL called "FreshNewDR", went to its properties, clicked Customize Selected Layout and selected Charcoal_Grey. I clicked Ok and got a message saying Charcoal_Grey already existed and to change the name so I named it "Charcoal_Grey2", clicked Ok, selected Charcoal_Grey in the drop-down in the "Manage Layout" section of the Responsive HTML5 Settings window, clicked Save and Generate, and I now have my icons showing!


            Another Update: I compared the Charcoal_Grey folder to the (new) Charcoal_Grey2 folder and found out that all the files are duplicates except for "MasterThemeSchema.xml". I used the Diff Checker website to compare the two files.


            Final update: I tried to upload a graphic of what Diff Checker found but the JPG was too big for the forum. I copied the "MasterThemeSchema.xml" file from the Charcoal_Grey2 folder to the Charcoal_Grey folder, thinking it would fix the Charcoal_Grey layout, but it didn't. I am just going to use the "Charcoal_Grey2" layout since I know it works!