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    Clone stamp tool

    Mozzer27 Level 1

      I am in the middle of editing an image in Photoshop CC 2017. I have noticed that something I did earlier is wrong. To rectify this I decided to use the clone stamp tool. I selected the clone stamp tool and then I selected Alt+click - in Windows to select the pixels I wanted to copy from. Why when I have clicked on a particular point does Photoshop decide to use a different colour which seems to me to relate to the tool size - I have selected a white area as the area to copy from and on the right had side there is a black area - when I move to the right hand side of the area I want to repair Photoshop chooses to use black, not white as the fill colour? Is there a kind of radius setting in there which is related to the tool size and the fill colour - i.e. if white is within 40 pixels of the area to be filled it will use white but if black is within 40 pixels it will use black.


      Have I a setting wrong that I have overlooked?


      Help would be appreciated please.

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          I am having trouble following your description. Are you able to post a couple of screenshots to demonstrate the issue?

          Also check the brush mode of your clone stamp tool in the options bar - is it set to normal ?





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            Mozzer27 Level 1

            Hi Dave, I sorted this problem in the end - When you have the clone stamp tool selected there is a button in the toolbar at the top of the screen called "Aligned" - if you have this selected there will be a crosshairs slightly away from your tool which is where Photoshop is sampling from - this sample may not be what you want though so it is best to have 'Aligned' unchecked.

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              davescm Adobe Community Professional


              The difference between aligned and not aligned is that with aligned checked the distance between the sample and the stamp remain constant even if you click to paint more than once. With aligned unchecked, every time you click to paint the sample goes back to the start position.

              So in the two examples below I sampled on the centre of the D on the left block  then painted in three separate areas on the right (not resampling)



              First with aligned checked:


              Second with aligned unchecked :

              I hope that helps your understanding



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