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    Help with simple "If Then"

    luckyrhyno Level 1

      I apologize in advance. I am sure this has been asked and answered here more than once already, however I am not getting anything when I search and I am sure that is due to my ignorance on the subject and not searching it the right way.


      My question


      I am building a form for a contract. In the Contract I have term limits, for example 3 years or 5 years. This term is referenced several times in the document in various ways. For example: 3 years, three (3) years, 36 months.


      I want to be able to choose from a picklist either 3 or 5 and have it auto populate the other fields with their version required.


      If 3 years is selected in field1, than for field2 = "three (3)", field3 = "36"


      I hope I am asking this the right way.


      I appreciate your help.