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    Placed Images

    bena75710679 Level 1

      How to prevent a placed image in another from becoming a smart filter thru camera raw?? 

      This prevents use of the gradient tool. 

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          Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

          When you place an image it gets placed as a smart object. You can rasterize it after it is placed which will allow you to paint on the layer or use the gradient tool, but do you really need to do this? Why don’t you add a new layer and use the gradient tool on the new layer instead of directly on the placed image?

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            Place by default create smart object layers.   If you place in a raw file ACR will open as a RAW converter not a filter.   If you place in a png file ACR will not open the layer place in will default to be a smart object layer.  You can not modify Smart object layer's pixels.  You can add smart filters and adjustment layers to them.  Of simply rasterize the layer. Make it a normal layer so you can modify the layer pixels.

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              macpawel Adobe Community Professional

              You can go to Preferences Panel(CTRL/Cmd+K) and then uncheck Always Create Smart Object When Placing



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                Ahmed Yousef Level 2

                To change this default behavior, turn off Preferences > General > Always Create Smart Objects While Placing