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    Feature Request: Artboard to Clipboard

    KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

      Feature Request:

      COPY/PASTE recognizes artboard size.


      option: crops to artboard

      paste: places strokes in same location on new layer or new project


      When transferring layers to the clipboard (copy/paste), the clipboard seems to recognize the illustrated strokes, but not the artboard size.  Strokes made outside of the artboard are included, and the resulting "pasted" artwork is not placed in the original position, even when two canvas sizes are the same.


      In Adobe After Effects, there are options for importing layered resources so they either favor the artwork (outside the artboard) or favor the composition size (cropped to the size of artboard - including transparent pixels).



      Examples: (more to follow)


      Example 1: (Does not align to canvas)

      1. Open Adobe Draw
      2. Create a 2000x2000 canvas in Draw
      3. Create a new draw layer with marks that travel outside of the canvas left / top / right
      4. Turn off the background layer
      5. Select "Share with Clipboard"
      6. Open Adobe Sketch
      7. Create a 2000x2000 canvas in Sketch
      8. Create new image layer
      9. Choose "Clipboard" as your source.


      Note: Image does not occupy the same position on the canvas/artboard anymore