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    Please confirm, the only way to transfer back to LR on the desktop is through cloud sync.

    Fernando Gaglianese

      I am heavily considering an iPad Pro as my travel computer, but I am troubled that it looks like the only way to synch back to LR on my desktop would be through Adobe's cloud synching.


      I could be downloading 30 or more gigabytes of raw files into the iPad after a shoot, which I would cull down, and do some initial editing on the iPad, but then need to get all those edits and the images into my editing station before exporting finished files for delivery. The idea of synching that many gigs into the cloud, just to suck them back down into my Mac for the rest of my workflow is a nonstarter. It seems incredible that there is no way to move files via USB -- either via iTunes, Photos, or within LR itself. The time it would take for all those bits to float back and forth would slow production down too much for me, but all my reading online seems to confirm that there is no other way.


      Would love to hear from any working photographers who are using LR CC on an iPad Pro if this is really the way it works, or if there if some other way around this.


      Thanks in advance!