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    Local Storage in Lightroom CC // available space calculated wrong and limiting photo cache?


      Dear all,

      i recently migrated my catalogue from LR Classic to CC (approx. 800GB, 54000 pictures).

      All data is handled on my iMac's local 2TB SSD and i decided to store a local copy of the pictures in order to improve performance.


      Problem is now that even though the originals are already stored on C ("storage location" is set to this and "store a copy locally" is ticked), CC is displaying the available space wrong, thinks i am out out space (even though i have some 500GB left) and uses no photo cache:


      it displays the required space as 800GB BUT shows the available space as only 500GB (even though the originals are stored on the same drive already) and thus marks the "bar" read and puts nothing against the photo cache...


      Anyone encountered the same problem?

      What to do?


      Thanks lots