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    Feature Request: Merge & Modes

    KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

      Currently, when using a Blend Mode (Transfer Mode) on any layer, merging down that layer will disregard the mode when performing the merge with the layer below it.


      Feature Request:  Recognize modes on merge


      When a layer has a blend mode, and no other visible layers below have ANY MODE, the newly "merged down" layer is the sum of  two layers.

      (blend mode layer + layer below)


      When a layer has a blend mode, and ANY other layers below have a blend mode, have an option "MERGE VISIBLE" or "CANCEL".


      This would allow users to turn off layers they do not want to merge (even it they have modes).

      This would allow users to merge down multiple layers that may use modes that require a certain layer order to achieve a specific visual effect.



      *YES* we should all be saving versions of our work.