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    Asking for daughter: video downloader for AfterEffects?


      She likes to do amateur edits, so wants to work from YouTube or other video sources and import to AE. Thoughts? Know Firefox has an extension, but have had little success thus far... Thanks in advance for any tips.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I don't see how ripping sources from the Internet has anything to do with any professional video editing and processing application regardless from which company. That said, you simply have to accept the facts. If you do that sort of thing you have to spend time on working out the technical details all by yourself. None of this is in any way official. The whole point of such sites, even YouTube, is to have users watch video there so they can show you advertising. Of course they are not going to make it easy for everyone to just download their videos. Otherwise buy your kid a camera or sign her up to a stock footage site if it's reall that important to you and her.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If your daughter wants to learn visual effects and motion graphics then she needs to either borrow your phone or use hers to shoot some footage and start learning.  If she wants to learn how to edit video she needs to use Premiere Pro and not After Effects and do the same thing, borrow a smartphone or use her own and shoot something. Creative amateur editing and visual effects can only be learned by coming up with an idea and learning to turn ideas into stories. Phones make such good video today that there is no reason not to use one to capture your own ideas and turn them into stories.

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              rwe333 Level 1

              Thanks for the replies... Yes, question a slippery-slope, no offence intended. She's still young, graduating from things like VideoStar to the Adobe Suite (which I know little, other than Acrobat). Agreed, mileage the key, and - yes - she can make use of the video on her phone or other recognized sources.

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                andp94077995 Level 1

                if she uses IDM (Internet Download Manager) she can download youtube videos  .mp4 format (sometimes 1080p resolution) and as learning ground it works on both After Effects and Premiere and lets acknowledge the "FACT" that this programs are not only for professionals anymore it´s made to be used professionally but also to be available to anyone that wants to play around. Which, in my opinion is good, more people having opportunity to to see some industry's top softwares in action  . so I don't think we should get upset to answer  first timers questions. That shows interest on learning.

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