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    Prints not close to Monitor(yes my monitor is calibrated)


      The issue is that my prints are all coming out way darker/muted/desaturated with less contrast as to compared to how they look while editing them in Adobe Photoshop(CC 2018). I have read a good deal about printer settings, color management, soft proofing and tried many different settings and nothing has corrected the issue.  I used to use an Epson Ink Jet photo printer on this same iMac and I did not have these issues.


      Here is relevant info as well as some inserted screen shots.

      * Computer/OS iMac/macOS High Sierra 10.13.2

      * Printer: Canon Pixma Pro 100(with the latest drivers installed for the printer and connected via a USB cable).

      * I am running my printing tests using Canon Pro Luster paper.(LU 101)

      * My monitor has been calibrated using the spyder elite 5 system.

      * My working color space in photoshop cc 2018 is Adobe RGB(1998)


      My relevant PS CC 2018 Print Dialog Settings are...

      Let Photoshop Manage Colors/ Printer Profile : Canon Pro-100 <LU> Photo Paper Pro Luster


      * My Canon Pro-100 printer settings are:

      * Color Matching...

      The ColorSync radio button is selected by disabled. 

      The Canon Color Matching radio button is not selected and also disabled


      * Quality and Media...

      Media Type: Photo Paper Pro Luster

      Print Quality: High


      System/Color/Printer Settings Screen Shots

      Computer System….



      Photoshop CC 2018 Color Settings…

      PS Color Settings.jpeg



      Image in Photoshop CC vs Photoshop CC Print Dialog…

      PhotoShop Edit Window vs PS PrintDialog.jpeg


      Print Settings – Color Matching…



      Print Settings – Quality and Media…

      PrintSetting Qualiry.jpeg