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    Can't run and can't uninstall Photoshop CC

    Doc_Pit Level 1

      When I updated to Photoshop CC 2018, it proved unstable.  So, I uninstalled 2018 from the Creative Cloud panel, used the Cleaner, then reinstalled 2017.  No fix: 2017 crashed at startup.  What is especially frustrating is that the program was working last night when I shut down.  The machine was off all night (no automatic updates or changes to the system).  But, this morning, the program crashed upon startup.


      I have two versions of 2017 (18.1.0 and 18.1.2) showing up in Control Panel. 

      1) I have tried to uninstall 2017 from the Adobe Creative Cloud panel, followed by Adobe Cleaner and a restart.  The panel now provides an Install button (suggesting the program has successfully uninstalled).  But 2017 still shows up in Control Panel, suggesting it has not uninstalled. 

      2) If I try to uninstall from Control Panel, it goes through an uninstall process, but, after a restart, the programs still appear.  If I try to uninstall, I do not get a message to the effect that the programs have been uninstalled.  Rather, Windows 10 goes through the uninstall process again endlessly.

      3) If I click on the Photoshop desktop icon, I do not get a message saying the program no longer is on the system.  I just get a momentary hourglass, but nothing happens.


      Can anyone tell me how to uninstall, then reinstall, in the hope that the program actually will open.