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    How can I extend a png sequence longer than 8.5 seconds in photoshop?


      I am making a GIF animation. I have saved out a png sequence from After Effects and opened the png sequence into photoshop to finalize the GIF. The problem I run into is the length of time I exported in after effects was 17seconds and in photoshop it is reduced to 8.5 seconds which speeds the animation up considerably. I am trying to extend the png sequence layer by dragging to the right, but nothing happens. If I do this manually a pop-up opens telling me It has to be between 0.3 & 8.5 seconds. Does anyone have any solutions for this? Thanks.


      problem.pnghttps://cl.ly/24061p0k0C28Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 6.08.03 PM.png