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    Cache Location

    joachims25232702 Level 2

      How can I change the Cache Location for LRCC?  I found how to change the backup Location but have not seen how to change the Cache location. The default Location is some place on the C Drive (for Win10).

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The cache uses a system file. It is managed intelligently to minimize storage space and use the minimum footprint on mobile devices. Once originals are synced to the cloud and are no longer being edited, they automatically drop out of the cache. 


          Within Lr CC go to Edit >> Preferences to find the location on your C drive.

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            joachims25232702 Level 2

            Yes, I have seen the location. I just like to control it. Certainly, all these programs smartly manage their cache, like

            Adobe PremiereElements, PremierePro, PhotoShop, LightRoom CCCL (Video & Photo differently), Lightroom CC...

            And they do it all in separate places. (not to mention non-Adobe apps like DXO:Photolab and others

            So, I just like to have control while my valuable C:SSD storage space gets eaten away faster than I can watch it....