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    A Note To Adobe:


      Dear Adobe,


      I’ve been using your app Photoshop Touch over the past few years since its initial release. It has let users create in ways incredibly similar to the desktop version of Photoshop.


      I have a few concerns with your applications that attempted to replace Photoshop Touch. I understand you are trying to spread out different aspects of Photoshop to your consumers, but the interface is almost alien to users subscribed to the Adobe Cloud. I am a tech savvy millennial that has grown up with GUI interfaces, and I have never been more confused when navigating both apps. It gets to the point where I give up because of the frustrating interface.


      I had a tremendous joy creating and exploring Photoshop Touch, and it allowed me to interact with a version of the worlds most creative, digital, and portable canvas at the touch of my hands. As you know, the application has been discontinued and cannot run on phones that do not support old firmware/hardware. Please reconsider continuing compatibility with newer devices as this will ease the ability to create stunning graphics by users of desktop Photoshop.


      Have a very happy new year,