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    Purchased licenses are removed.

    Creaktor Level 1

      I use stock for a while. I have many clients and with them Libraries. Now I recently asked support to have my CC team be removed due to the fact I aint no team but a single user. In addition I was billed 9,99 per license instead of the discounted price. I now think I understand the way Adobe stock was assigned due to my CC + stock for teams license a representative configuered in the past. I wonder upon their recent account removal, my purchased licenses ware removed too but that should not happen.


      How to proceed?

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          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

          Hi Alexander,


          We have checked your account details and noticed that previously you had an Adobe Stock plan under your teams account which has been cancelled and all the assets (114) were used. There are currently no unused licenses available in your account.


          You also have an Adobe Stock 10 images a month plan under your individual account which is active. Under this subscription 57 licenses are already downloaded and 1 license is left for download which expires on 12/11/2018.


          Could you please let us which purchased licenses are missing from your account so that we can check them for you?





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