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    Air Vs GWT Vs Silverlight

      Im currently evaluating Air, GWT and Silverlight and wondered if anyone would care to share their experiences? So far im on with GWT and its very limited in how it handles designs with support for CSS being sketchy also the java applet requirements falls over a lot when published.
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          John Hall Level 4
          Well, that's going to be a little tough to answer, I think. Obviously, most of us are on this forum because we figured that AIR was the answer for our needs. AIR is, for me, by far the best cross-platform approach to what I need to do. If you're targeting only .NET app clients, you might decide that you like Silverlight (I'm trying to be fair but I can't imagine going with that solution for a year or two - as soon as they have their 'runtime' distributed as well as Flash Player, which is the basis of AIR). Maybe there's a forum somewhere that could be more objective.