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    Serious problem with V-Box overflow

    mabian Level 1

      this is the address of a Flex web application we're developing.

      " http://www.elcart.com/e-flex/Flexlab2-debug/FlexLab2.html?#codc=01301"

      The real problem we're experimenting is as the last (bottom) items are loaded - there's a progress counter on the left going from 1 to 200.

      You can see the items being added to the a main V-Box; each item is in turn a composite object made of nested V-Boxes and H-Boxes.

      Getting near to 200 items you can see nasty things happening at the top of the V-Box: it seems to wrap rendering vertically, but not completely; text does not wrap while background regions do and overlap the topmost items.

      We've found it does not seem to depend only on item number but also on single item height; I mean, if I raise the height of each item, the V-Box starts going nuts earlier, if I decrease height I can get more items before the weirdness begins.

      It's like there's a maximum (hard coded?) V-Box height.
      I cannot unleash the code because it's quite a complex app.
      I can discuss and publish portions of code if needed.

      Anybody can give suggestions on how to workaround or solve this problem?