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    Lightroom CC - No Slideshow Option or Method


      ,My love-hate relationships continue with Adobe Lightroom. I currently own Lightroom 6.0 with ALL the features and the cloud limitations.  I have always wanted a cost effective ability to mange my mobile photos from the cloud via Lightroom, and the new Lightroom CC APPEARED to fulfill my dream. If it did what I needed, I could possible eliminate the redundancy of Google photos, iPhoto and OneDrive photos....what a mess.  But wait, I use those other cloud services for presenting slideshows on my big screen TV, and I can't find an easy way to project a slideshow of Lightroom CC photos on my TV.


      My current workflow is to use google photos on my mobile device, auto sync them with my QNAP NAS which is mapped to my TV computer. I just fire up My TV and computer and start the screen saver slideshow.


      So how can I do this with Lightroom CC?  There is no slideshow feature in the new Lightroom CC. I cannot find a way to auto export/sync, and I looked into the Apple TV 4, but the Lightroom integration does not allow randomized slide shows. I could move my photos out of Google into Lightroom and back but that is risky at best and isn't automated.


      Is there a simple solution I am missing? Do I need to move to the more expensive Lightroom Classic offering?


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