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    Linked smart objects dose not change master file size.

    Sanpanza Level 1

      I have a master file (Mac OSX)  that I am working on and I replaced few REGULAR layers with LINKED smart object layers in order to reduce the file size.


      The problem is that the file size does not change. When I look at the actual file in the finder before I made the change it is 481 megs but when I look at the same file after I replace the regular (non-linked) layer with Linked smart objects layers, the file size remains the same at 481 megs. On the doc. file size view on the bottom left hand side of my document it says 231/738; even after I make the change.


      Can any one explain?


      Additionally, will Photoshop's functions speed up if I am working on a master file with LINED OBJECTS instead of regular layers?


      If not, then what is the efficiency benefit of working with linked smart objects given that I typically don't work with a team and just want to work faster?


      Thanks for your time and action.



      Screenshot 2018-01-01 14.44.17.png




      Screenshot 2018-01-01 14.58.02.png