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    DataManagement Services issue

      Hi all, this is the first time i write on this forum. I'm developing a flex application based on DataManagamentServices. I'm able to retrieve and display data taken from the server, but if i try any kind of action from the client obiect to the serverside db, i've got this error:
      "faultString="Item with id 'E862991C-EC52-9D67-820A-05160BF8C78E' not managed by this service. Error on destination 'ente'." faultCode="Local.Call.Failed" faultDetail="null"

      I added on my destination the <item-class> tag, as i saw somewhere on the web, but nothing happends.
      I follow all the suggestions and the samples i've got from adobe site or blogs. I actually can't understand wichi kind of error it is or where to put the hands.

      Thank you
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          Mete Atamel Level 1
          Hi Fabio,

          Can you provide more information? Show us how you define the destination in data-management-config.xml, how you use destination in your mxml file.

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            fabios-b7b5ac Level 1
            Hi Mete, thanks for the reply. Here are some snipplets of my code where i declare and use my destination:
            <destination id="ente">
            <adapter ref="java-dao" />
            <identity property="codEnte"/>
            2) In the EnteAssembler i defined a fill method and 3 method to handle creation, update and delete. They, actually, just log some words but they'are never called.
            3) in a mxml file i've got this call to delete method:
            where dsEnte is the dataService. It works fine if it just call a get method.
            4) i've got a .AS map class of the Ente Java class, with just an empty constructor and the attributes.

            I hope i've given you the right info to help to solve my issue...

            Thank you one more time

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              (a) Be sure that you've defined your ActionScript class correctly.
              It should include the [Managed] metadata as well as the [RemoteClass(alias="com.datasw.gdp2000web.model.commons.bo.Ente")] metadata included.

              The RemoteClass metadata maps the ActionScript class on the client to the Java class on the server. When you have strongly typed objects on both the client and the server, it is not necessary to use the <item-class> tag in the definition. The <item-class> tag is only required when you use anonymous objects on the client and strongly typed objects on the server.

              public class Company
              // properties

              (b) I also noticed that you're using the Spring Factory for the data service.

              Double-check that you've configured this correctly based on the instructions when you downloaded this add-on.

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                fabios-b7b5ac Level 1
                Hi thank you so much for the answer.
                a) The action script class is correctly built, with managed and remoteclass metadatas. If a import the class in mxml files, i can see and use correctly the Ente object.
                b)Yes i'm using spring factory and i checked very carefully the configuration steps based on instructions given with the add on, bit i will check it again.
                It's normal that i can retrieve and read data (using spring factory and assemblers) but i can't manage changes on them?

                Have you got any idea where the problem could be? I wasn't able to find any info about this kind of error on the web.

                Thank you