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    Show white/black clipping mask, sharpening mask when using touch/pen

    Bleeding Level 1

      So I'm mainly still working in Lightroom Classic as likely most of you, but I sync libraries I'm currently working on from LR Classic to Creative Cloud so I can work on those photos on the go on my Surface Pro 4 with the new Lightroom CC and have changes synced back to LR Classic. This works actually quite nicely if you know the limitations.


      Now, speaking of working on the go with my Surface Pro 4, I prefer to work with touch and the Surface Pen to edit my photos instead of attaching the keyboard and a mouse. It works ok - as in LR Classic, it's still a mess to adjust the sliders with touch or a pen as you have to move them quite a bit before they even start moving, setting the value way of what you want - and then it's still very jumpy when you try to adjust it to the value you want. But I can deal with that for now.


      Far worse is the problem that I do not find a way to show the white/black clipping and sharpening mask when using touch/pen. It works with the keyboard and mouse attached by pressing Alt while moving the slider with the mouse - just like in Lightroom Classic. So the features are there. But how can I trigger this feature when just using touch or, preferably, the pen?


      I know on Android or IOS it works by using 2 fingers to adjust the slider (which is a mess, IMHO, but at least it works) - but this does not seem to work in Lightroom CC on Windows. Also, this wouldn't be a solution for the pen, still. Is there any way to do that on Windows?


      I also would just love to have "Visualize Spots" mask with touch, but as far as I see, it's not even possible to activate this with mouse and keyboard, so I guess I'm out of luck for that. But I can deal also with that. But not being able to see white/black clipping is a dealbreaker ... it's essential when editing photos, and I'd really hate to attach keyboard and mouse on the go just to be able to use this feature.


      Thanks for any ideas on this topic!