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    Resizing Hero Images for Lightbox Slideshow

    Barry Weber Level 1

      I created sideshows for a mobile version.

      I then copied the slideshows to the desktop version.

      I was very successful controlling the dimensions and padding of the thumbnails.

      No issues there.

      All my source images are much larger than the final display size so I am not attempting

      to make them appear larger than the original files.


      I understand that for some reason MUSE is incapable of changing the sizing of all Hero Images

      At one time, which is very frustrating.


      However when I attempted to resize the Image to be displayed in the Lightbox,

      It continues to reset itself at random and takes many attempts to get the settings to stay.


      Moreover, the behavior of resizing these objects varies each time I do it.

      I have documented the settings and so I attempt to set the sizing by entering the data into the Transform

      Dimension boxes.


      My impression is that MUSE if very glitchy in this area of controlling settings.


      Please share any expertise, grasp or understanding how to make this work the first time

      Without having to redo each slideshow 6 to 8 times to get each resize to “hold”.



      HERO CONTAINER: 644 x 800 pixes


      Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 3.54.24 PM.png

      Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 3.54.17 PM.png


      HERO IMAGE: 600 X 800 pixels

      (I have also attempted to make the Hero Image larger than the actual image

      thinking this might be the issue, but often times that resizes the Hero Container 644 x 844)


      IMAGE: 600 X 800 pixes


      Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 3.54.33 PM.png


      Resizing Caption Text Box, Resizing Previous or Next Gadgets all undo dimension settings

      On the Container and Image.


      To further clarify what changes will discard all the settings already made, I had to perform these tasks

      before adjusting the actual image size as adjusting any of them after the image size was set will

      discard the image size:








      Why should adjust the dimensions of the previous and next areas,

      or changing the width of the caption area

      wipe out any changes to the image size.


      One point I should make is that unfortunately MUSE is incapable of reading a caption

      from the JPG image which has lost hours of time for me. I had to go through the

      insanely slow primitive method of entering all the captions to these photos

      in the mobile version and I didn't want to relive that pain.


      So I felt I should be able to copy the widget slideshow onto the desktop

      and upsize the images. This very fragile buggy editing is certainly beneath the standards

      of a company like Adobe and these controls should be made reliable

      and vulnerable to adjusting the dimensions on a previous or next area,

      or have a user perform this over and over to learn what has to be done in what order

      as a work-around to assure that the settings don't get lost.


      Even using this order of adjustments and settings,

      I still had to re-do several of the galleries that didn't "hold" their settings.


      I realize someone will say, discard the widget content and reimport them

      and I have done this on many projects but when hundreds of captions have to be matched

      to particular images, that isn't an answer that should be given for a professional product.


      Please if you find that I am missing something in how to control these settings reliably

      I would like to know what that is.

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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          Can’t reproduce this issue at all.

          If you reposition/resize the slide show images within their containers, they keep the position/size you have chosen. (There is – in my eyes – still a bug in image handling, but following your description this bug isn’t isn’t the culprit in your situation.)

          If this doesn’t work for you, pleas create a new, empty .muse file, place a slide show with 2, 3 images and share this small .muse file with us, using Dropbox, CC File or a similar service. Here you find some instructions: https://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-8652

          Additionally give us a step by step instruction, what to do in this sample file to reproduce your issue.


          If I read your post right, you are copying the slideshow between the breakpoints: „… I should be able to copy the widget slideshow onto the desktop and upsize the images.“ „Copy“? Why that? Why not resize the slideshow parts breakpoint-wise? „To the desktop“? What do you mean with that? The desktop breakpoint? Or the Muse canvas? Or the operating systems „desktop“?


          By the way: The option, to import image caption from the image’s metadata „document title“ might be a fine feature request at first sight.

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            Barry Weber Level 1

            Dropbox - MUSE TEST SITE.zip


            OK this took quite a bit of doing, here is a sample MUSE site.


            There are phone layouts and desktop. I created the phone layouts first with sideshows for each brand of product on the Men's Boots Page. Then copied the slideshow to the desktop to resize for that format due to the huge amount of captions etc that needed to be kept in tact.


            I have the desktop layout with the Rod Patrick brand slideshow just copied on there the same as it comes from the phone layout.


            Please download and test resizing the components to match the slideshow above on the desktop layout. It is very tedious and if you resize the image first, and then attempt to size the previous and next or to make the caption 600 pixels wide, and then the image will not hold it's size setting if those changes are made later. Sometimes the resizing doesn't hold no matter what I do and it has to be redone again.


            I know this sound preposterous however it has caused a great deal of frustration.


            I hope that there is a way to better control sizing of widget gadget with the slideshow.

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              Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

              Don’t get me wrong: I won’t download your file. I asked you politely: „… please create a new, empty .muse file, place a slide show with 2, 3 images and share this small .muse file with us."

              Unfortunately your file is over 250 MB(!!) fat. We are fighting and struggling, that users don’t send us their complete .muse project, but only a small file, demonstrating the issues, they are struggling with. I and other helpers simply don’t have the time and capacity to check tons of such big files, and – in most cases – delete element by element, preview and preview to finally nail the issue. This should be up to the person, who want the issue to be solved, and is commonly called „cooperation“ or „assisting the helpers".

              This is not meant as an reproach at all. But after a long day of analysing about 10 complete(!) .muse files of forum members all day long, I am a little bit „exhausted“ now. And unfortunately you are the one, who has to bear my annoyance. :smile:

              So, if you give me a .muse file like the one, I asked for, I will have look at. And, please,  don’t tell me, this is impossible: You issue can be demonstrated with only one page, 2 or 3 breakpoints and one single slideshow, filled with only 2, 3 images.

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