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    Run Adobe Edge Animate on older Macintosh

    Barry Weber Level 1

      So I was fortunate enough to update my laptop and now the desktop to an iMac Pro.


      I have a license from Adobe that allows me to use the software on both computers of course,


      however Edge Animate fails on High Sierra and will only run on my older 10.11 Mac Desktop or laptop.


      I have signed out of the license on those two computers to use the Adobe suite on the new computers.


      So now the dilemma is that I have several websites with much content from Adobe Edge

      which by the way should never have been discontinued as it was the finest of all Adobe software ever


      but the Adobe license isn't on with those computers.


      Since they have abandoned Edge users like ripping their very soul out and stomping it onto the floor,


      is there a way to still operate these older abandoned components on the older Mac without having to constantly

      sign in and out of the license between the computers.


      Actually I would prefer to see Adobe come to their senses and pickup the amazing software they provided when I decided

      to purchase my adobe create suite license but then later just said nope you don't get this even though you paid for it.


      But can they provide a means to operate the deprecated versions of Edge software without the sign in and sign out license issues?