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    RPC call failure flex to J2EE container

      I am a flex newby so I am sure this is a 'dumb' problem. I have installed flex.war (FDS) on my J2EE server and successfully started it. I changed the remoting-config.xml file and added the following...

      <destination id="portfolio">

      and the java code exists and has successfully compiled within the flex profject under src folder.

      I then exported a 'release build' which produced a bunch of files including the .html and .swf. I then copied these files to a directory I created on the web server. I then invoked the .html file and the app popped up but when it tried to make the RPC call I got the error...

      Portfolio feed failure...
      Invoke failed
      Couldn't establish a connection to 'portfolio'

      I am assuming I have incorrectly deployed the app but I have no idea what to do.

      Help !!!!!!