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    Animate keeps selecting everything


      animate keeps selecting the whole frame when i go to a different frame and it's made it difficult and annoying for me to use and i can't find help anywhere.

      i saw a poster who had the same problem as me and the answer was "click the frame numbers instead", an though that works, ive tried it and it is more difficult than just using it normally. please help.

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          Nipun Asthana Adobe Employee

          You can also use keyboard shortcuts to quickly jump across frames without selecting the contents on that frame.

          , or . to move left or right by a single frame.

          Alt + , or Alt + . to jump to previous or next keyframe.

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            HawkenKing Level 1

            If you select a symbol on the scene stage it will select all that frames in that layer, if you select a frame on the timeline it selects a frame, but not until you deselect that layer - if you click on a frame on that layer while the whole layer is selected, it'll just select all the frames in that layer again.


            It can be a bit frustrating, try to select something else before going back to your layer and selecting the frame you want.


            I think the intended functionality is that you can drag those frames, so clicking again only uses the drag function.