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    Horizontal Crawler moves vertically and jerks

    Barry Weber Level 1




      I cannot express how ridiculous the end of Adobe Edge Animate is.

      I have several animations that I created in Edge that cannot be duplicated in

      This pathetic Adobe Animate CC program.


      I have often made crawlers that sweep from side to side like a panoramic

      Or a set of images. Animate CC cannot export this in canvas to move smoothly

      Or to move even in the correct direction.


      Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 11.04.30 PM.png


      This is supposed to sweep horizontally, yet whenever I export this to any of the

      Jerky inferior formats that Animate CC offers, it tries to move vertically.


      See the flawlessly smooth movement that Edge Animate provided here:





      I have uploaded the source files and exports to a dropbox.

      If anyone who is expert in this Animate CC would be willing to download and

      Examine the files to offer any suggestions how to make this program

      Function like Edge Animate did I would appreciate any input you can provide.


      Note, it previews very very jerky in Animate CC

      But fails to move properly in OAM or HTM5 Canvas.