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    pr cc2018 extensions grayed out

    小姐冯90697266 Level 1

      the estensions in pr cc 2018 is grayed out.I have uninstall the software for more times and install it from adobe creative cloud but it doesn't work. !

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          ankitamaan Adobe Employee

          Let’s troubleshoot your issue step by step. We need your help and patience in order to resolve it. This will not only help you with this add-on but future add-ons also that you may wish to try.




          •             Open your Premiere  Pro, go to ‘Help’>’Sign Out’ and then Sign In again using your id.

          •             Quit your Premiere  Pro.




          •             Launch https://creative.adobe.com/addons/my_addons, log out and log in again using your id.

          •             Then click on ‘Remove’, then ‘Install’. Please wait a few moments, then check the ‘Activity Stream' in the CC Desktop App, and confirm if it states that installation was successful, or failed?

          •             If nothing happens or if it fails then either contact us at asupport@adobe.com or continue to troubleshoot.

          •             Click on your add-on, which is acquired

          •             Go to ‘Where to find it’ section

          •             Expand “Download / Install your Add-on another way” link

          •             Click on “Download using Extension Manager >” link, you will be navigated to a page where download option will appear

          •             Download your add-on, it will be downloaded in ZXP format




          •             http://install.anastasiy.com/ go to this extension manager to install or

          •             Follow the link in order to install your ZXP file for your add-on by using ExMan Cmd Line Tool: https://www.adobeexchange.com/resources/28

          •             Most of the steps you have already done in step2, so it would be easier for you to follow the link.



          Please let us know if you face any problem in any of the above and contact us at asupport@adobe.com




          Adobe Exchange Support

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            I tried steps 1-2 and the ExMan Cmd Line Tool and no joy. The Anastasiy Extension Manger worked for me. Please bring back the "official" Extension Manager and stop depending on crowdsource solutions to fix your software.