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    mx:Canvas resize issue(s) while loading SWFLoader content & states/transitions

      I have a 450 pixel wide standard canvas that has three states. Loading - when it's loading up the information, Loaded - which is by default the most prevalent version of this canvas, it's default_width = 450 usually applies and it has two flavors... with a title, image, and scrolling area and then there's the Alternate - which loads up an external swf via swfloader, and has to resize the canvas from the Loaded (default). The most prevalent content comes via arrayCollection and not swfLoader.

      With that said, the states/transitions are "ok"... but when I go from the Loading to Alternate, it works the first time. I close the window, unload the content, then go back to it, it refuses to load up anything. Removing the unload content event handler, it just keeps playing, but it still doesn't keep the state and reverts to the default state. Even while it's playing, and I were to hit a button that would normally invoke the Alternate content, it will go back to the default size - the canvas that is - and scale back down from alternate's usually program derived size of 800 pixels in most cases.

      It's frustrating... and the code for this is a bit overly complex - read: it shouldn't be this complex!! - but I'm surely stuck.

      Any clues?