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    Laptop Advice Needed


      My 2012 MBPR with an i7, 256gb SSD and 8 gigs of ram suffers from the known gpu issue of mbp’s from that era as well as random battery shutdowns. it is out of warranty and out of that program to fix the gpu which expired in dec 31. As such I’m looking at my options..


      needs: edit 1080p H264, 4k (in the future) without hookup, able to color grade with at least one adjustment layer without gpu glitching.


      Budget: ideally for a laptop I would like to be around $1000 but honestly I’ve seen some decent specced gaming laptops on eBay used for $600-800. I’m not opposed to a desktop in the future but I’m really wanting a laptop.


      Any mid-low budget recommendations? At this point it seems from hat I’ve read that the apple machines aren’t cutting it with premiere anymore. My experience seems to match that. Even with the 5-20 minute films/videos I make the performance is laggy and color grading performance is terrible.



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          RjL190365 Level 4

          Here's the HUGE problem with buying a new PC, laptop or desktop:


          RAM prices are ridiculously expensive right now. 16GB of DDR4 RAM now costs well over $200 by itself! That leaves very little room for the rest of the components in your planned laptop. As an example, the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Touch that I mentioned in another thread to another user that I advised him against costs $850 and only comes with a dual-core CPU, an outdated GPU, a lousy 5400 RPM hard drive and no SSD (all of which severely limits the overall editing experience) - all to accommodate the 16GB of RAM that's needed to run Premiere Pro at anywhere near a decent level of comfort. And even the minimum Dell laptop configuration that I would recommend even for hobbyist-level video editing (which comes with a true quad-core CPU, 16GB of RAM, a GeForce GTX 1050 4GB GPU and an all-SSD drive configuration) costs $1,100.


          And by the way, Intel's CPU performance since Sandy Bridge back in 2011 has been only evolutionary, not revolutionary, in the years since due in large part to the lack of a truly performance-competitive CPU offering from AMD during most of those years, until the introduction of Ryzen last year. As a result, Intel's fastest current dual-core mobile CPU offering still underperforms a seven-year-old quad-core mobile CPU which was the lowest-clocked such CPU at that time.

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            dmde23545 Level 1

            Right, as I mentioned though I’m not opposed to buying used and that minimum configuration you mentioned I seem to be seeing used for less than that on several different brands. Do you have any suggestions for pc laptops?  I do audio production with presonus studio one and a usb interface but I’m fairly certain most of these computers should be fine.

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              Relly Level 1

              I recommend a dell precision series.  Look into a used m2800 i7 MQ or 7510 with 6 gen i7 both have nvidia quadro cards and if you can put an 500gb samsung 960 evo m.2 you'll be good to go.  i have experience with both and the 7510 with the i7 6820HQ and that ssd with just a 1g quadro m1000 and it performed everything I needed with no issues.  Check out those models and for something cheaper m4800 with ssd is another budget model.  The precision laptops though must have a XXXX xQ series i7 not a XXXXm series.

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                dmde23545 Level 1

                How about this guy...


                B&H Photo Video

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                  Relly Level 1

                  Thats pretty and if you are going to game on it too I would say yes but i dont have experience with those I only can vouch for the precision laptops i was thinking more like one of these


                  https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1257273-REG/dell_mggh3_15_6_precision_m5510_mobile. html


                  https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1257276-REG/dell_w9vxg_15_6_precision_m7510_mobile. html


                  I have personal experience with these models and paired with that Samsung 960 m.2 drive you'll be able to handle business with no problem.  Im sure you can find these elsewhere for better prices.