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    Line Spacing -- Interactive PDF exported from InDesign

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      I have been making interactive PDFs using InDesign for some time now. This program always frustrates me. I do no find Acrobat very intuitive--perhaps I am missing something. When I export from InDesign CC and open the PDF in Acrobat Pro DC, all the text is now gone--this is frustrating but I just re-enter in info and format it again, save and hand it off to be used as a fillable PDF.


      Currently I am working with a PDF where I want to change the line spacing since my two multi-line text box is having the text cut off. I do not wish to resize the text, put on "auto", or increase the textbox height.


      I find that the only way I can have the line spacing option come up is when I'm in "Edit PDF" tool, but then the exported boxes from InDesign won't allow me to select them; only when I'm in "Prepare Form" will it let me edit those. I have tried deleting the boxes in "Prepare Form" and remaking them in "Edit PDF" but this is a whole new set of issues.


      Why don't these programs work with each other?


      Looking for any help on this one. Thanks!