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    opening webpages through adobe pro




      Since we are unable to create GS1 datamatrix in adobe itself I was trying to see if i could bring it from an external location.


      I know you can open a URL through the following javascript, app.launchURL("https://barcode.tec-it.com/en/DataMatrix?data=(01)03453120000011(17)120508(10)ABCD1234(410 )9501101020917",true).


      This will generate a DataMatrix barcode, and I can always change the data by modifying the command to

      barcodedata = this.getField("barcode").valueAsString;

      app.launchURL("https://barcode.tec-it.com/en/DataMatrix?data ="+barcodedata);


      But now is there a way for it to automatically click the download button on the webpage once the page has been loaded.


      Also, some online barcode generators do not change the url when data is inputted in the text field.For instance, (https://www.online-qrcode-generator.com/gs1datamatrix) So is it possible to populate those text fields with values from the adobe form and then download the generated barcode.


      Then i would be able to import the downloaded image into my adobe form as an icon.


      Please advise,