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    Does 'Creative Cloud membership (one year)' exist?


      Hi Everyone


      I've tried talking on chat about this and got only conflicting answers from multiple agents.

      I want to switch my Photography plan over to an 'All Apps' plan. On visiting the 'switch plan' menu I found the below 'Creative Cloud membership' for £30.34 per month.

      Obviously this is much more affordable than some of the plans advertised but NO ONE I have spoken to is able to confirm this exists.


      I will happily switch from my Photography plan to this 'Creative Cloud Membership (one year)' if it means I get all of the apps for that price.

      However, I obviously don't want to sign up for a year if I'm not going to get what's advertised.


      Please could someone confirm that what you see below is actually what you get? No one on the Chat rooms believes me when I say this is what I'm seeing.

      See screenshot below.


      Please Adobe, make it easier to spend money with you!

      This is my last attempt at solving this before I reluctantly give up. Bring back DVDs I say!


      Many thanks


      Tom (hopefully a future customer)



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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          That looks right when switching from Photography plan to All Apps plan. In other words, you'll get a discounted price -- most likely for the first year, or until your annual subscription completes --


          Make sure you check the terms and conditions, so you don't get a surprise after the completion of that initial subscription, as the standard price for All Apps subscription in the UK is £49.94 (inc VAT).



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