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    Old School Looking for PShop CS3 Help-The Hairy Circle


      I am trying to adjust the options in the brush presets menu and then apply the brush to a circular path using the "stroke path" command in the path menu.  My brush is a few hair shapes and I want it to apply to the circle path so that the consequence is what looks like a hairy circle with all hairs pointing out.  That would mean the brush applied to the path so that it's base stayed perpendicular relative to the base path of the circle.  So far I have not found that setting.  As of yet I can only get the brush to apply to the circle in one initial direction so while the hairiness looks great at the top of the circle (hairs pointing out from the circle) while on the sides, the hairs are sideways relative to the circle path and at the bottom the top of the hairy brush actually points in towards the center of the circle.  Can someone please tell me the specific control in the brush palette which controls this and can make the brush apply to the path is a dynamic way to keep the position consistent?  Thanks.