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    View Target Path issue


      I've researched and it seems this was an issue back in CS5 & CS6, but I'm running CC 19.0 and running into it again. Every time I open a new file, View>Show>Target Path turns back on. I almost never want this function on. Is this a bug? or is there a way to keep this from turning back on every time I open an new file?



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Make sure you have the latest Display device driver installed for your display adapted. View>Show>Target Path is a toggle the shows and hides the current active path shortcut Ctrl+Shift+H. here is what I see on my Windows 10 CC 2018 system.




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            jdaustin111 Level 1

            Thanks! I am seeing the same thing, however, when I toggle it off, it toggles back on whenever I open a new file. It‘s essentially acting as a file setting instead of a program-wide setting. Hope that makes sense.


            I will I’ll look into my driver, but that seems like it won’t be it. It’s not a video/visual issue, but a functional one. It displays correctly, but toggles incorrectly.


            Thanks again!

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              jdaustin111 Level 1

              Latest drivers are updated and photoshop is up to date. That wasn't the issue. I've actually discovered that it's not only when I open a new file, it's whever I even create a new shape, it reverts back. Here's what's happening:


              Whenever I open a file, View>Show>Target Path is grayed out


              until I create a shape, which is when it toggles to the on position.ss-2.jpg

              I then deselect it


              I create a new shape


              and view>show>target path is back to toggled back on. (this happens every time a create a new shape)





              Any thoughts on this?