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    Illegal XML error (23::0) on import

    Jess P Level 1

      Getting this error when trying to import one AE project into another AE project.  I am running a PC with version 15.0.0 (build 180)

      Maybe my problem is I should have stayed with CC 2017....


      The error specifically stems from the use of the plug-in "RubberHose" and "RubberHose 2"  These both worked well on CC 2017



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Without exact info noboday can tell you anything. You haven't even provided the exact wording of the error much less anything beyond that liek actual system info or details about your project. Your post is not useful for diagnosing the issue.



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            Jess P Level 1

            Ok, I talked with the creator of Rubberhose and it seems that in AE 2018 the code was updated that interfered with the Rubberhosescript.  He released a bugfix so that Rubberhose can be used in 2018, but to use older Rubberhose rigs, they need to be converted to Rubberhose 2 rigs in AE 2017 before they can be imported into AE 2018.