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    Download errors on Application downloads?  Where is customer support?


      Hey there, I bought the CC package after I left my last company and am just trying to download the apps onto my laptop.  It keeps telling me there is a "Download Error" every time I click on the Apps tab in the CC toolbar.  It leads me to contact customer support.  I have tried to chat 3-4 times.  Only once have I ever received anyone after waiting for literally hours, and that person, although nice, was unable to even address the issue and said I had to talk to tech support, which he supposedly was connecting me to.  After waiting 45 minutes, it just auto logged me out.  I have now been on the phone line support for well over 90 minutes waiting for anyone to answer the phone and all I get is this awful hold music.  I am paying monthly for a product I can't use when I have contracts I need to fulfill.  I just went to Adobe Max and as Adobe says its "there to support the creative community", they are literally providing no support for paying customers.  Can anyone help????


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