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      I really hope this is simple for someone here. But i have searched the net and only find solutions using coldfusion 8, and my server uses coldfusion mx7.

      Heres the problem. A user uploads a Picture on a Form, I save it to my server, and i want to get that pictures width and height for future manipulation. And i cannot use the <cfobject> tag on my server. How do i get that information?

      Help me please :D....
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          Optikal6969 wrote:
          > I really hope this is simple for someone here. ...
          > How do i get that information?

          Simply, you don't!

          You either need the <cfimage...> of CF8 or dive into the Java which
          requires creating a Java Object which is often disabled on shared hosting.

          There are some older, third party, commercial ColdFusion Custom tags out
          there that do this as well. Some providers that normally disable Java
          will allow these well known custom tags to be installed, if they are not
          already. But that is going to be a discussion between you and your
          service provider and the tags are not free.
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            Check with your host and see if they provide any CFX tags for image manipulation/informational purposes. I imagine that is a common enough request.
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              Thanks guys... I have a request in with my service provider now... GoDaddy is big enough i hope they have been hounded enough for this request...
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                You might also check their support section. While I have no personal knowledge of GoDaddy, they appear to have some tags available. Assuming this information applies to your particular account ..