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    State Button Issue - Bottom Layer Mysteriously Concealing Upper Layers


      Hello all! Your help would be much appreciated. I am a newbie and just discovered the magic of state buttons. I am frustrated though because it does not seem to be working the way it should. In the attached video you can see that the portfolio image is visible when in Normal State and transparent when in Rollover. The social icons "underneath" it are transparent in Normal and visible in Rollover.


      Yet, when I preview the site it doesn't work correctly. I am able to click the social icons if they have links, but they are invisible. If I remove the Portfolio image ("PF Button" is it's name in the screenshot) from the State Button the social icons correctly appear and disappear so it seems to be the "PF Button" layer that is causing the issue.





      NOTE: screen recorder is buggy, it recorded Muse's main window but not the Layer and State panels which I was clicking on.