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    Creating Dynamic Web Apps

      I'm a college student that recently was hired to help a local company as a web developer, over the past few weeks I have been cleaning up the design of the back end of my companies asp.net website which includes a database where people can login and get information about grants, and add them to watch lists and research reports.

      To keep it short and simple the company I work for is asking me to build a new dynamic web application and is giving me some time to learn what I need to build this dynamic website. The problem is that I have only learned the following web programs/languages so far in college Action Script 3.0 with XML, XHTML, CSS, and some javascript in high school.

      I am not an expert on dynamic web application and my knowledge is limited. My question is between asp.net and flex which program is going to be easier for me to learn in a shorter period of time.

      Thanks In advance!
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          Flex is best and you will have a good overall picture of how it works if you read this FB3 help topic in the Flex 3 Developers Guide, and all its sub-topics (should take about a week if you have a good amount of time to spend on it).

          Flex Programming Elements

          Make sure you read it all, compile all the sample programs, maybe change them a little as you become more familiar with Flex.
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            KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional
            I am following your advice and started by simply copying the various code examples from Flex Programming Elements into FB3. Then I run the examples in Firefox, to decide in what small ways I would try making changes to the code. I ran into a problem with the weather example on page 14. When I try to run it I get a debug message that says "The prefix "local" for element "local:VideoCoverFlow" is not bound. Resource:VideoSheets.mxml. Path:Videosheets.src. Location:Line 6.

            Two questions: Is there a place to find descriptions and fixes for code error messages?

            And, shouldn't the code in the Flex Programming Elements examples work with Firefox? The weather box shows up, and I can input zip code. But pushing "Get" does nothing. There is a small window with a number of Flash Player 9 errors.
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              Gregory Lafrance Level 6
              LiveDocs online may have some corrections, but in some cases you have to figure it out, or post here...
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                peterent Level 2
                When you get the error that says a prefix, like local, is not bound, it means that you are missing a namespace definition for the prefix. I don't know the example you are talking about, but it seems like you need to have: xmlns:local="*" in the <mx:Application> root tag. This means that any Flex components you have in the same directory as your main application file can be used with the prefix local. If you had a sub-directory called "components" for example and wanted to use MXML files in that directory, then you would create a prefix namespace for those components like this: xmlns:comps="components.*"

                I've got a number of examples on my blog you are welcome to use: http://weblogs.macromedia.com/pent

                Good luck with your project.
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                  SujitG Level 2

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