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    Edit Brush Settings

    apeironn Level 1


      I've imported my old tool presets as brushes in the latest PS 2018,

      now I would like change the brushes so that I can use any brush for any tool rather than only the one it was saved for, for example use a paint brush preset for the mixer brush.


      I have tons of them and from what I can see I would have to resave them all with the save tool settings turned off,

      is there a faster way to either bulk edit this parameter or remove the options without having to create a new brush every time?


      thanks a lot in advance!

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          Boost, 'cause same question.


          I can't believe I can't really find much about this topic, even though it's so annoying. I have to go through ALL of my old tool presets, re-save and re-name them and it's such a waste of time. Why isn't there a right-click option to simply edit/remove the tool setting?? It feels like this should have been one of the most obviously needed options to implement when tool-settings were introduced.