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    How can I have a photo be only a solid color and solid white?


      I am aiming to turn pictures of people into color outlines.  Specifically I want the subject to be only solid red and solid white.  I would like for a white shirt to be slightly red.  I am attaching a photo for the look I am hoping to achieve.  Thank you for any help.  I was able to find a post that was kinda of like what I am going for however it didn't look quite like what I was aiming to achieve.  Converting a greyscale image to a single solid colour with Photoshop, while preserving transparency - Graphic Design Sta…

      test color file.jpgThis is what I was able to create however it is not where I want it to be.

      a6724b70f4d8e8d47ea20ae67a9f263c.jpgThis is what I want to achieve focusing on just the people in the photo.  I am not focused on the drawings of the chairs in the photo.  Also if you can help me figure out how to remove the background after doing this I would greatly appreciate it!


      Thank you for any help you can offer!