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    .swf gallery

      i have a page where i want to have a thumbnail picturegallery.. aswell as an thumbnail swf-banner-gallery

      when i click one of the picture-thumbnails i see a larger version of the picture..
      and when i click the flashbanner-thumbnail.. i see th flash-advertisementbanner that i have made..

      so it´s a gallery over work i have made...

      i need to know what file do i import to the frame where the banner is showing... a movie file? swf?

      i tried to import the swf.. but i cant get it to work.. it only shows the first frame.. and when paste the movieclip of the banner the program asks me "do you want to replace some files in the library"

      is there a way to import the banner without having to take all the loose files that builds the banner into the library?
      because i already have files called the same in the library as the iles that are in the banner.

      am i making sense...i just need a rendered kinda file that is only 1 file that can be put into my flashbanner gallery..