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    Photoshop overriding original date created upon file save


      Good day,


      So, as the title says, Photoshop is now, all of a sudden, overriding the original date created, upon every file save, making the date created the same as the date modified. For example, say that I had created a file on December 28th, and went to modify that file on January 3rd. If I were to save my modifications, then the date created would then switch to January 3rd, even though it was only modified, not created, on that date. Now, this is a new thing - this has never happened to me in this program before, not once. It has always shown me the correct, original date created.This only started occurring after I installed the new Windows 10 update, the Fall Creators update.


      I noticed it the day after I updated to that. Interestingly enough, this issue is present on all of my drives aside from my Windows drive. At this point, I'm unsure of it that is relevant or not, as Microsoft's new software, 3D Paint, can bypass this issue on all of my drives. So the issue mostly seems to be Photoshop-based. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening now, and what I can do to get this back to normal? Having inaccurate dates isn't exactly the most efficient thing to be occurring with a job that kind of requires me to keep dates consistent. I'd appreciate it!