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    Photoshop CC 2018: Image files will not open

    EM_AG92078 Level 1

      After updating to CC 2018 my PS stopped opening image files (jpg tiff png etc.) but will still open .psd and .pdf files. When I try to open an image file PS crashes.


      The Report log gives me this :

      <crash exception="EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" instruction="0x000007FED2086570">

      <backtrace crashedThread="0">

      <thread index="0">

      <stackStatement index="0" address="0x000007FED2086570" symbolname="CTInit"/>



      I have tried to disable UGP (Use Graphics Processor) as I have seen in other threads but it does not help.

      When I try to go to preferences/Camera Raw it also immediately crashes.

      I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I have uninstalled and reverted back to CC 2017. I even tried using the CC cleanup tool. Nothing is working.


      Any Suggestions?