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    Custom Sort not working

    TJ Millar

      It looks so easy in all the YouTube tutorials, and sounds so easy in the instructions, but I cannot make any changes to the order of any of my albums. When I try to drag an image, all I get is the circle with the cross through it, indicating I can't do that. (I don't get the error message that I've seen in some of the YouTube tutorials.) I have made test albums that contain only images shot on the same day and coming from the same sub-folder, but still nothing. I have noted that the custom sort option in the preferences is only available for albums and not folders - the option just doesn't seem to do anything even when it's available and checked.

      I'm new to LR, so possibly missing something obvious, but everything else seems so intuitive and easy that I find it hard to understand why sorting images would be so difficult.

      I read in a forum for LR classic that someone had solved bugs associated with new upgrades by re-building the catalog, but if the images are located in the LR cloud, that's not going to help (or be possible), is it? I have tried uninstalling and re-installing LR, with no effect. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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          Neox99 Level 4

          May I suggest you let us know which iteration of Lr you are using: Lr Classic CC or Lr Creative Cloud (Lr CC) and the version # thereof?

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            TJ Millar Level 1

            Latest version of Lr CC.

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              Neox99 Level 4

              The reason I asked the version is so I could test like versions:

              Lr CC does not have sort options listed in Preferences. It has:


              Local Storage


              tabs with no mention of 'sort' on any of them.

              There is a 'sort order' list (bottom near left) that has:

              Import Date

              Modified Date

              Star Rating

              Reverse Order

              but NO 'custom sort'


              May I suggest that some of the videos/tutorials you refer to are for using Lr Classic CC?

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                TJ Millar Level 1

                As I noted in my OP, the custom sort option shows up for albums, but not for folders.

                Yes, some of the videos and tutorials were for Lr Classic or earlier versions - that's the reason I posted here. I can't find anything for the current version other than the help menu, which says to do exactly what the videos and tutorials tell me to do.

                I can't believe that the capacity to arrange images in a preferred order is something that would have dropped in any version. I presume that I have encountered a bug - what I was hoping for was that either I am missing something basic that more experienced users take for granted, or that someone has found a fix for this particular bug.

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                  Neox99 Level 4

                  Lr CC has no sort order(s) other than:

                  Import Date

                  Modified Date

                  Star Rating

                  Reverse Order

                  at this time.

                  Please be aware that it's version # is ONLY 1.1


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                    TJ Millar Level 1

                    That's not correct. If you create an album, an option to Custom Sort shows up between Star Rating and Reverse Order when you view the images in that album. If you view any of the options under My Photos (All Photos, Recently Added, or By Date) or a Folder created under the Albums heading, the custom sort option isn't there. That's fine, and similar to earlier versions where you couldn't sort folders which contained sub-folders. You had to go to the sub-folder level to custom sort - now you can only custom sort within an album.

                    The problem is not that the option doesn't exist (it would be crazy for Adobe not to provide a custom-sort option, version 1.1 notwithstanding) - the issue is that the option isn't working, at least not for me. I would like to know if it's working as expected for anyone else, or if anyone else has found a way to make it work.

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                      Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

                      I think you'll find that you cannot set a Custom Order in LRCC, but choosing that as a sort order will display any Custom Order which has been set elsewhere. At this time you can set a Custom Order on the synced collection in LR Classic, or in the synced album in LR Web, and it looks as though it should be possible in the LRCC for iOS app as well (but I've figured that out yet).

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                        TJ Millar Level 1

                        Thanks Jim, I had noted that selecting Custom Sort changes the order and assumed that there was some way to control the nature of that change.

                        I didn't know about LrWeb, thanks for that. Custom sort works as expected there, and it makes sense if an album is to be shared that the order can be set before the link is sent. However, the new custom sort is not reflected in the LrCC app when I go back to that, even if I refresh LrWeb after changing the order and even if I close and re-open the program.

                        What I was hoping to be able to do eventually is to save my edited images from lightroom in a particular order so that I can then access the saved jpegs for use in a photobook, with the order of those jpegs set in Lr - though it occurs to me now that that won't work even if I could create the custom sort I'm looking for since the order will just revert to the standard date or name order once I've saved the edited images to my HD. Still, it would be good to be able to work on the images in my preferred order. Do you know of a way in which the order set in LrWeb can be reflected in the LrCC app?

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                          Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

                          It should happen automatically....it takes about 20 seconds for a change in the order in LR Web to change in LRCC on my system. Just make sure that you've not got syncing paused in LRCC, and that you've still got Custom Order selected (it doesn't show what order's selected until you click on the sort order icon).


                          LRWeb is worth investigating, it's a little gem. I use it to create special "shares" (very like Spark) to add text to the images to "tell the story", then share that to family and friends. A bit more interesting that just sending a link to the album.

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                            TJ Millar Level 1

                            Yes, got it now! I just had to click reverse order in LrCC - it does indeed update, I was just getting confused by seeing the order back to front.

                            Thanks so much. Agreed, LrWeb looks excellent and potentially very useful. Thanks again!

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                              Is there a web page that explains what LrWeb is? I could not find one on Adobe.