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    How do you get an escalation?

    RK93 Level 1

      I have been advised in a tech support phone call and here in the forum that I need to escalate my case.

      I called again today to escalate the case. I dealt with a tech support person at Adobe who was transferred me to have the case escalated.

      A supervisor took the call and refused to escalate the case. He insisted on researching my question and had me on hold twice.

      I requested several times to have the case escalated and he kept refusing and changing the subject. I have already spent 2 1/2 hours between being on hold and waiting for Adobe reps to learn how Photoshop works. The supervisor told me that he could escalate the case but rudely changed the subject whenever I asked him to do so. When did Adobe tech support get so many rude, arrogant and uncooperative time wasters?

      Is there a number I can call to by-pass these gatekeepers and finally get my questions answered to a more knowledgeable person?