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    How to render to a stream (allow web users to stream rendering video)

    bradleyk34889741 Level 1

      I am using Adobe After Effects CC and ExtendScript to create dynamic videos and then let the user watch those videos.


      I looked at this tutorial (don't need to read this tutorial to understand the context of this discussion): https://www.themarketingtechnologist.co/creating-dynamic-videos-using-javascript-and-after -effects-the-basics/


      Basically, the tutorial goes through how to create dynamic videos with After Effects and render them.


      Right now, I can use extend script to create dynamic videos to the user's preferences and render them.


      However, when I render the video, I have to wait till rendering is completely done before the user can start watching the video at 0:00 (via a HTML5 player).


      Is there a way to allow the user to stream the video as soon as the first frame or block of frames is rendered?


      In other words, is there a way to allow the user to stream a video before that video has fully rendered.

      Should I directly render the video on After Effects or Adobe Media Encoder?


      Thank you!

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          Arie Stavchansky Level 2

          It's an interesting question and a solution will likely be difficult to find, but that shouldn't stop you from trying.  The only thing I can think of using for something might be using something like FFmpeg to stream the created file to another media server.  I've never tried, but have thought that it might be possible.  The problem is that After Effects or Adobe Media Encoder might "lock" the file as it writes to it.


          You might want to check out this blog post that discusses streaming a file as if it were live with ffmpeg.  You can find content that addresses your specific question under the header that reads "1. STREAM A FILE TO FMS AS IF IT WERE LIVE".  Of course, this assumes you have access to a Flash Media Server (FMS) to send the file to that stream. 


          If you get it to work, you gotta tell us


          Goodluck and godspeed.