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    Can't open .PSD files


      My graphics employee is experiencing an interesting issue opening .PSD files.  Before I explain the issue, though, here is a brief history of the recent changes that were made.


      Over the holiday break, I installed a secondary storage drive in his PC.  This was done to support the migration of his graphics files to SharePoint Online because, once in the cloud, I set up local synchronization to that new HDD.  I also relocated his OneDrive for Business folder to the secondary drive due to space constraints on his primary OS drive.  For those not intimately familiar with SharePoint Online and OneDrive, both services utilize the same synchronization tool for managing local copies of data stored in either location.


      After those changes were made, he started having trouble opening .PSD files stored within the local SharePoint folder.  For instance, double-clicking a file opens a new instance of Photoshop 2018, but he is only presented with the Start/Welcome screen opposed to seeing the file he intended to open.  The file does not show up in the Recent Files menu either.  If Photoshop 2018 is already running, it will still start a new instance instead of attempting to open the file within the existing instance.  Furthermore, the problem only appears to affect Photoshop because he is able to successfully open other Adobe files (e.g., Illustrator, InDesign, etc.).


      However, .PSD files stored on his primary OS drive open correctly as well as files stored in his OneDrive for Business folder, which is stored on the secondary HDD along with the SharePoint files.  So, I initially assumed that this was a permissions issue with SharePoint library, but I confirmed that he has basic read/write access and more rights to the online site itself.  I also thought that it could be an issue with the sync tool used for managing the local copy of the SharePoint library, but if that were the case, he would not be able to open .PSD files from OneDrive for Business.


      I've done quite a bit of research this morning, but none of the fixes seem to fit the narrative here.  I've had him restart his machine, but that's about all I've had him try at this point.  I've spent more time testing different scenarios in order to describe the issue in as much detail as possible.


      Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance!


      - Chris