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    Character with head only?


      Hi, I've been trying to create this character which is basically a coin with limbs and a face. Because it has only a head and no body what would the best way to rig this? I don't want any bending on the coin itself and was hoping to create a walk cycle which seems tricky without the correct structure - is this possible? Thanks! Gareth


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          dianebecerra Level 1

          I'm no Ch expert, but my suggestion would be any of the following depending on what type of sequences you intend on shooting with this character.


          1. Create the typical character head structure (Mr Coin>>+Head>>+L Eye,+R Eye, Mouth (no nose)).

          2. Create the eyeball parameters if you want to specify where the eyes should stay within a certain range of the default starting point.

          If I'm not mistaken, this setup, along with the "Face Turner" behavior, can give you that 180 degree head turn appearance by only moving the face features using the camera source if you don't have a defined "Face" shape. This way it looks like your character looks to the sides while staying within the flat coin shape.

          3. The coin itself would be the "Body" portion of the puppet rig and you can just pin the limbs to the coin shape as per any of the basic puppet rigging tutorials available here or on youtube that use the latest updated version since the "staple" function is no longer available. See this Link to see about the limbs options.


          Hope this helps you in some way. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.